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Swanyee has a plan to participate in poverty reduction process to be in line with MDGs and National Plan for Rural Development & Poverty Reduction, and also to be in line with Swanyee mission ...... More Detail

Partners in Ongoing Activities

Partners in Tsunami, Cyclone Nargis and Cyclone Giri Emergency Response and Rehabilitation Activities






Type of project

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Livelihoods Project 5 villages in Aung Lan Township 3 years LIFT


Livelihoods Project 3 villages in Bogalay Township 3 years LIFT
3  Child-Centred Disaster Risk Reduction in Coastal Areas of Myanmar 70 villages of Kyauk Phyu and Taungup Township in Rakhine State 3 years Plan Myanmar
4 Community Based Income Generation Activities in Delta Region 10 villages of Sat San Tract in Bogale Township 3 years Hand in Hand Micro Finance Private Limited (India)
5 Building community Resilience to Coastal Hazards in Myanmar 30 villages in Gwa Township 2 years ACTED
6 Initiating the track of sustainable development
through building up the capacity of CBO based community in improving
livelihood & food security
20 villages in 18 village tract in Aunglan Township 1 years and 11 months PACT/USAID
7  Initiating the track of sustainable development by
balancing the forest protection & livelihood improvement through
forming the forest user groups in Mein Ma Hla Reserved forest
5 villages in Bogalae Township 6 months Forest & Farm Facility/FAO
8 Schools (Cyclone Shelters) in the regions of
Ayarwaddy in Myanmar.  
10 schools in Bogalay and
PharPone Township
2 years 600 Kids Organization/SDC
9 All Children Have Rights 5 villages of Taungup Township in Rakhine State 18 months DRC